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Oct 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to ideals that motivated him. the guy was born in mexico with nothing when he came to this country, rose to be head of a car company, a governor. my dad was the real deal and his life and his memory inspires me. and of course i look at ann every chance i get, she's usually looking down, she's a little nervous during the debate, but i look to her to see if she feels like i've done a good job. >> he'll finds me in the audience, to see if was that good? am i doing okay? >> and what do you do? >> i go, good. >> he's on stage, there's an emotional connection that's happening between the two of us during the debate itself. >> it is interesting to see what her role now is in the campaign. >> what's interesting about ann romney is she talks about her husband's character, as you would expect a political spouse to do, but she also tuck talks issues and she can carry that sort of dagger wrapped in velvet sometimes if she has to about president obama and about the administration, what's that administration's record. >> just for tonight, women voters, how important are they. >> i've all other t
Oct 18, 2012 12:00pm EDT
america's national budget or if mexico could veto america's national budget. that's the scope of what angela merkel is talking about. needless to say, there are some countries that are not very fond of that idea. france and spain being two of them. essential there are a lot of points of contention here at this euro zone summit, but it is a very, very important one for the future of the common european currency, michael. >> you make a good point. it's worth getting that context from you. it is an interconnected world. we've already seen the european economic crisis affect china's economy because europeans aren't buying as much from china, and, of course, europe is the u.s.'s biggest trading partner. how does all of this flow on through the world markets? the u.s. economy. >> it would be huge for the u.s. economy is one of the these government wooz fail. if a country like spain would fall part, that would have massive reprecussions that would really make the legal leman catastrophe look like a storm. why the european leaders are trying to get together to solve this problem long-term, an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)